Monday, August 18, 2008

This is one of my favorite items Ester has left. It’s an envelope on which she has covered all available area with writing and inside is a button, needle, and spool of thread. As will be the case I will provide the content of her notes as clearly as I can make them out.

[front of envelope]
Until last night, I did not know, that diamonds can sing: Sessel. She made me homesick for Maria Laach, wear _______, Deutschland. What a voice! What presentation! We, my friends Christe and I would visit Maria L almost every time, when I was in Jermany. Da dib les eiman Lowenlot, …

[back of envelope]
He and the other 2 tenors gave a concert in front of the Koblerer Slbob many years ago. As far as I remember, Ulla (?) and her mother in law Astersein went to that concert. Behinol the Schlob is a precious monument of Vata Rhiem and Muth Mosel Lovely. Oue of the place I visit o….

[inner flap]
I felt Jose C needed needle and thread, in case he wants to fasten his jacket button.

This is one of my favorite items because not only is it a thing but she reveals why she’s leaving that thing. Jose C needs a new button. I don’t know who Jose C is or why she might leave him a button and thread at my café but there seem to be more of a directive purpose behind this item. She also lapses into German here, which has become rare in the last year for some reason. As you’ll see in some future notes she also occasionally uses French.

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