Monday, November 17, 2008

Lives Lived Artfully

If there are two things Ester loves it's travel and art. If there's a third thing it would have to be PBS programing. 

She has left several clippings related to Matisse and numerous art magazines open to articles about him or about artists who draw inspiration from him. I myself find art very interesting. 

On this clipping she has written:

A conversation
between Charlie Rose 
+ Peter O'Toole:
Flesh becomes word

I am always over-
whelmed by POT <- mastery of the word

I'm not sure what her comments have to do with The Joy of Life by Matisse. The reverse side has a portion of an article about sculptures with one underlined: Standing Youth by Wilhelm Lehmbruck. In an attempt to understand her notes, to make some connection between even her own comments I watched the interview with Peter O'Toole. O'Toole is a splendid old man; I love his attitude about life and the things that have happened to him.  At the end of the interview Charlie Rose asks O'Toole about his epitaph which he got from a note pinned to his dry cleaning it said: "It distresses us to return work which is not perfect." I always appreciate humor in areas which are usually wrought with sadness. 

I think POT refers to Peter O'Toole however if anyone thinks it stands for something else please feel free to leave a comment about it. 

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Andreya said...

Oh, Peter O'Toole is fascinating too!!

I'm sure the connection (quote+pic) is speaking about sexy scenes or something like that?

But why would she leave it in a coffee shop?? lol!

(Is she writing a novel this way? Unable to make a big big book so she leaves clues all over town - or just in your coffee shop?
Early onset of Alzheimers?
Obsessive (high society?) husband who wouldn't allow her to journal or family/servants who'd read everything - wouldn't allow her to have secrets (or personal thoughts) so she must leave them elsewhere?
There could be a whole novel just about this woman.. :)