Monday, December 1, 2008

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This piece is fascinating to me because it shows a type of overlapping of thoughts that are connected one leading to the next and then back to the beginning. This is one of the rare moments where she switches to German mid-sentence. I do not speak German so translation was done through various internet search methods. The underlined portion is presumably the same German word but I can't make out the letters. From context clues I think the word means up or in or possibly both somehow. The italicized words are what I assume to be a name however Esters T's, F's, G's, J's, and sometimes, I's look the same or near indistinguishable unless there's another to compare it to. Perhaps a reader can decipher this name?

When I went up the Three Otter Rd in Bedford the other day, I thought of Dr. J in W., D.C. he liked the classic 'Three Men in a Boat.'
I liked his humor and to-the-point approach.
Around the corner where he had his office, steht ___ Dinigent ___ Ferister Ibin Mehtc (sp?) getting ready for the Trio.
Wonderful views from the top of Three Otter Rd.

The Oscars:
The man from Italy captured my heart and ears.
He scorred a success.
His wife Maria had Albrecht Durer's Praying Hands.

She talks about a Dr. J who I have come to believe was at one time her therapist. From what I can tell the next line says that around the corner from his office there was a maestro practicing up in a window. I can't tell who this is or what Trio he was preparing for. The next set of text was on the smaller piece of paper and seems to be somewhat unrelated to the other page though they were left together. The composer she's speaking of is, from what I can tell, Ennio Morricone. He does have a wife named Maria. It is interesting that she says he has Durer's Praying Hands. I'm not sure what she means by this exactly but I do remember Talking about Albrect Durer in Art History. What I particularly remember was his self portrait with him wearing a fur on which he rests his hand which is almost a focal point of the picture. The prof used this painting to say that artist often include their hands in self portraits since they're so important to their craft. The work that she's referring to is probably the Apostles Hands his most recognizable work to the general public which is often referred to as The Praying Hands.

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Andreya said...

Hey Meg!

I LOVE your blog and found you from Barbara Sher forums!! :)
(Where I admired you already too!:)

Around the corner, where he has his office, steht ein Dirigent im Fenster, Zubin Mehta (sp?) = stands a conductor in the window, Zubin Mehta (sp?)

Zubin Mehta is a famous conductor, so here it is! I have no idea what she means with it, most fascinating! :)