Monday, November 24, 2008

Last week I introduced you to Esters love of Matisse, one of reoccurring themes. This week the French artist is mentioned again for a parallel in his art and the decor of her friends home. On the back of this post card is written:

Matisse painted a Red Room
Mr. + Mrs. B. , had a red living room, 
white curtains and the 
bricks of their fire place 
are blue. 
This job-talking man near me
looks like the Bizzare (sp?) Food
I watched him last night.
Very interesting, seeing people
thru what they eat. 

She frequently writes about people she knows and uses just initials as though to hide their identity. This is one of the things that tells me that she writes these things for general viewing of other. Why would she think anyone would be interested in the decoration choices of anonymous strangers? She makes no value judgments on the fact that the room is red the curtains white and the bricks blue, they just are as such. I frequently find myself less interested in the content of her notes so much as the motivation behind leaving them. 

The most interesting thing about this item however is very small. I overlooked it at first- not even seeing it. There is a sort of correction made to the title of the photo displayed on the post card. "THE KATZES (WITH MOE AT CENTER). 1981. PHOTOGRAPH BY TERRY DEROY GRUBER" However, she has struck out the "S" and written below it "R" changing the word to "Katzer" This changes the word from the German word for cat to a surname. 


Maybe it's a clue. 

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Andreya said...

Are you sure it's a 'r'?

The proper German plural is 'Katzen' - soo?
(Maybe she just hated the bad englicized grammar?)

Again, it seems a pity just leave such a postcard in a coffee shop..?
I'd love to read more about her! Did you ever get to interview her and ask her questions?